Picking your Wedding Venue

When picking the venue for your wedding there are a lot of things to consider. First of all you have to go over the logistics of the wedding. Start brainstorming a mock guest list and try to figure out an estimate of how many guests you will need to fit into the venue. If you and your significant other prefer a smaller affair then you can get by with a smaller hall but if you want a large and grand wedding you will need to find a venue that can accommodate a larger number of guests.

The second thing to consider when picking out a venue is whether they provide a full service package. A full service venue will provide you with the location as well as chairs and rentals for other extras you may need as part of the rental package. On the other hand there are some places that expect you to take care of everything and only provide you with the venue.

Deciding on the food options for the wedding is another key aspect to your wedding planning process. Some venues have strict no outside food rules and want you to have the wedding catered by them. If you have a specific caterer you want for your wedding then venues with these kinds of rules will have to be crossed off your list.

The final thing to consider when picking out the venue for your wedding is the theme you want for the event. A laidback wedding may be outdoor in a romantic wine yard or in a cozy banquet hall by the lake. A large upscale wedding may require a grand ballroom in a hotel. If you want to make it a family affair you could rent out an estate outside of the city to accommodate your family and friends as well as serve as your wedding location.

Keeping all of these things in consideration you can help decide on the perfect location for your wedding while catering to all of your needs.

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