Planning your Wedding Part 1

Begin with the Big Picture

Most people have some sort of idea of what type of wedding they want but don’t know how to put it all together. Sit down with your spouse to be and write down different ideas of how you would want your ultimate dream wedding to be. Whether it is small or big, in a church, banquet hall or on the beach. Putting your ideas down on paper and taking the basics before hand gives you an idea about what you both want and you can use that as basis for your wedding planning.

Be Organized

Organization is key when planning any event. Whether you choose to organize all your ideas into a big binder, a pinterest board or through any other means, you need to be sure that everything is organized in a clear and concise manner. Split everything up into sections such as dresses, floral arrangements, venues, or guest lists so that everything is easy to find and you wont have to go through 100 pages trying to find something.

Set the date

Picking a date is a big part of how the rest of your wedding planning plays out. The date should be ideal based on your location especially due to weather concerns or holidays. Find dates that suit both families and try to narrow down a few date options so that you can have some flexibility when booking venues and vendors. Be sure to book early since many places can get booked a year or more in advance.

Start drafting your Guest list

Start creating a rough draft of who you want to invite to the wedding events so that you can have an estimate of how many guests you will need to cater to. Go over all your friends and family members that you would like to invite and don’t forget to ask your parents, fiancé and future in-laws of names of people they would like to invite as well. This will serve, as a basic idea of how small or large the guest list will be. The number will probably grow, as you get closer to the wedding date and you remember more people that you may have originally forgotten

Budget Planning

The final tip for this half of the wedding planning series is to start working out a budget for all of the festivities. A budget helps give you an idea of how much money you have that you are willing to spend and how the money should be distributed. There are a lot of costs associated with weddings such as the venue, the cake, bridal dresses, floral arrangements, decorations, catering and so much more. Make sure to take all of these into account when planning. Make sure to not go into debt over the wedding and only spend as much as you can afford because you don’t want to start off your union with thousands of dollars of debt that you could have avoided.

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