Planning Your Wedding Part 2

 Start looking at colour schemes

The colour scheme you choose for your event is a big part of your wedding planning process. Start looking at different colours that complement one another that you would want to focus your wedding around. These colours will help influence the decorations, floral arrangements, stage set up and even the colours for the bridesmaid dresses. The colour scheme you choose can also go with the season that your wedding takes place. Blues, purples and white would be great for a winter wedding. Reds, orange and yellow may be a great option for an autumn wedding. A spring wedding might go for lighter pastel tones.

Begin Dress Hunting

Whether you are looking for dresses for your bridesmaids or for yourself, start looking early. You need to have enough time so that you can have a good look around and get a good idea of different dresses while also having enough time for alterations. Make sure you keep your previously decided budget in account when dress shopping. Trying on a very expensive dress that you know you cant afford is just setting yourself up for failure because if you fall in love with that dress, every other dress will seem lackluster in comparison.

Start Looking at Vendors

Start looking around for wedding decorators, florists, DJs, caterers, bakeries and other vendors ahead of time. A good idea is to go by recommendations by people you know who have had good experiences with those vendors. It is also a good idea to go always go the professional route. Yes it may seem like a good idea at first to let a friend be your wedding DJ since they’ve done a few events but they may not be as committed as a professional. It also becomes harder to tell friends and family when you don’t like what they’re doing as it may cause issues in the relationship.

Send out the Invitations

Once the venue and date have been set and everything has been finalized it is a good idea to start sending out the invitations. This gives people times to start booking flights and hotels if they’re coming from out of town and also helps make sure their schedules are free for your big event. Keep the early save the dates for close family members and friends because you may or may not still be friends with people you were close with during your engagement time.

Hopefully all of these tips will have helped you get a basic idea of where to begin when planning your wedding. Elegant Wedding Decor would love to help you create the wedding of your dreams and help decorate your event. Feel free to contact us for ideas and quotes on our wedding and event decor packages.

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